KF730 From Pronorte For Les Luthiers Live In Madrid

Les Luthiers Open Image-LR.jpgPremier PA hire company Pronorte Sonido of Asturias, Spain, is supplying EAW KF730 compact line arrays as the key components of a full sound reinforcement system and technical support for Madrid concert performances by Argentinian comedy-musical group Les Luthiers.
Formed in 1967, Les Luthiers is very popular among numerous Spanish speaking countries in both Europe and South/Central America. The five-member group is known for its hommade musical instruments (the term “luthiers” is French for “musical instrument maker”), which are employed in their performances, accompanied by refined humor.
Les Luthiers 2-LR.jpgThe sold-out Madrid shows by Les Luthiers, titled “Las Obras de Ayer,” are being held in the 1,900-seat Palacio Municipal de Congresos. And, as they have in several trips to Spain, the group has once again selected Pronorte Sonido to provide the concert sound system and support.
Miguel Zagorodny of Buenos Aires, sound technician for Les Luthiers over the past 10-plus years, is most concerned with exceptional intelligibility and solid coverage throughout the entire listening area. Working with Pronorte, he has formulated a left-center-right main loudspeaker rig to meet these goals for the Madrid dates.

Left and right arrays are each comprised of seven EAW KF730 full-range line array modules, with the center array made up of four KF730 modules. The system is complemented by six EAW SB1000 dual-18-inch-loaded subwoofers, with all loudspeakers driven by Lab.gruppen fP Series power amplifiers.
Les Luthiers-3-LR.jpg“Usually we tour with the larger EAW KF760 Series line arrays, but the lesser scale of the Palacio Municipal meant that the KF730 is the optimum choice to meet all of our sound reinforcement goals,” Zagorodny explains.
This marks the fifth consecutive time Pronorte has been selected to provide the system and support for Les Luthiers in Spain. All five members of Les Luthiers – Carlos López, Jorge Marona, Marcos Mundstock, Daniel Rabinovich and Carlos Núñez – are outfitted with Sennheiser MKE40 lavalier microphones, which work in tandem with the loudspeakers to produce results meeting Zagorodny’s expectations.
Les Luthiers-4-LR.jpgAs Pronorte Director José Javier García explains, “Miguel (Zagorodny) is a very exacting sound technician, with a great deal of experience. He’s studied all of the top loudspeaker systems available, so he’s obviously quite pleased with the EAW-Pronorte tandem. The system is quick and efficient to install, has an exceptionally natural midrange and is very predictable to adjust, so he has more time to work on microphone issues with voices and the unusual assortment of instruments.”
Pronorte began working with EAW equipment more than 15 years ago, providing the venerable EAW KF850 Virtual Array system for a wide range of concert tours, including Placido Domingo and the New York Metropolitan Orchestra.
“The efficiency of all EAW loudspeakers we’ve utilized, and their widespread acceptance with tours, has been an enhancement to our profitability,” García adds. “The KF760 and KF730 Series follow the same EAW philosophy: efficiency, reliability, ease of operation and exceptional overall sound quality.”